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ACDSee Video Studio x64

ACDSee Video Studio x64

ACDSee Video Studio x64

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Your World is Moving. Enrapture your audience with the most versatile and accessible content creation tool in the space. Sporting sleek 64-bit performance, an easy-to-master interface, and 4K rendering, ACDSee Video Studio 4 empowers you to bring your vision to life. In addition to easy sharing solutions, ACDSee Video Studio's direct uploading to YouTube and Vimeo take the tedium out of distribution. Now with keyframing, green screen support, behaviors, overlays, non-destructive cropping, 3 axis rotation, support for HEIC files, freeze frames, GIF exporting, over 3x more keyboard shortcuts, and much more, ACDSee Video Studio 4 provides hassle-free video editing and screen recording without the learning curve.

Highly Animated
Transform your content with keyframing! Seamlessly transition your media from one state to another. Control specific visual properties with pre-made or custom animations, and layer in still images or additional video to complete your narrative storytelling. Tilt, scale, rotate, and restore. Tell your story with visible cues by adapting blend modes and opacity settings, rotation, position, and size.

What's New in ACDSee Video Studio 4?

Green Screen Support
Put your subject anywhere! Remove green screen, or the color of your choosing, and layer in other videos or still images to create your own background.

Add Ambience
Color grade your shots by loading and applying an endless array of cinematic LUTs.

Speed Limit
Take control over the speed and overall duration of your media.

Cover it up
Blur out faces, license plates, or sensitive information with the customizable Mosaic tool.

Express Yourself
Need some snow? A light leak? A countdown? Effortlessly add over 46 overlay effects on top of, before, or after your media.

Customized Aesthetic
Get creative with 13 new filters allowing you to morph, emboss, mirror, shake, obscure, adjust, and much more.

Capture the Moment
Extend the life of specific moments by creating freeze frames. Or snatch snapshots of your video's playback and add them to your available media.

Export as a GIF
Quickly create GIFs from your videos or image series. With a recommended size for easy sharing, GIF generation has never been this painless.

Shift your media's properties from one state to another with pre-made or custom animations!

Make an Entrance
Perfect your video's style and movement with unique behaviors animating the entrances and exits of clips.


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